2024 Election

January 31, 2024

2024 is an election year in the United States. A lot will unfold between now and November, so I write premptively, undisturbed by the inevitable political noise and turbulence to follow in the months ahead.

Disinformation: Be aware in advance of the upcoming wave of online disinformation tied to political operations. Expect to see artificial intelligence (AI) weaponized to produce misinformation at massive scale. The purpose will be to sway voters in key states, counties, and races across the U.S.

Election Interference: Foreign adversaries, including those within Russia and China, will seek to influence, divide, and otherwise impact the democratic process and outcome of the 2024 election. Speaking more about Russia...

One political party has embraced the Soviet-Russian Firehose of Falsehood propaganda model, so donโ€™t bite when you inevitably hear conspiracy theories, inconsistencies, outright lies, and spreading nonsense faster than ever before.

Disinformation will continue in popular media. Behind-the-scenes, ongoing voter disinfranchisement and suppresion efforts in the legal system continue in key States and Counties. Races in 2020 were close in Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, so pay extra careful attention there.

The Case for Old Joe: Let me take a moment to state the obvious: the current front-runners for both the Democratic and Republican parties are likely neither the most popular or qualified candidates. Yet, it seems to me one candidate, specifically Joe Biden, is clearly the superior of the two options.

Bluntly, the Republican candidate is troubled. Not just because he's on track to end up near bankrupt (for the 7th time) but rather because Federal Prison is a real possibility for his future, following the many laws violated in pursuit of The Big Lie after losing the 2020 election. By comparison, Brasil's Supreme Court banned its former President Jair Bolsonaro from running for President until year 2030 for carrying out his Big Lie after losing his election.

The most effective counter to Trump's entire campaign is 'You Had Your Chance'. Remember, Trump and the GOP had 4 years in office to make meaningful, long-lasting change like he promised. But he failed, plain-and-simple. He didn't build a wall, fix immigration or the economy. Instead, Trump and his revolving door of cronies put the U.S economy in debt over $6 TRILLION and buddied up to dictators in Russia, North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia. He failed to let science lead during the Covid pandemic, and then when the American public voted to boot him out of office, he orchestrated an insurrection which left several Capitol police officers injured and dead. He stole top secret & classified documents then shared them with adversaries. Trump will go down as the worst U.S. President in history. End of story.

But hey, here we are, stuck yet again with these two old candidates.

It will be fascinating to witness the outcome of the election. If Trump should lose once again, will the Republican party move on? Can they move on without losing their followers? Based on my calculations, which suppose both the logical and illogical unfold, he loses yet again. But again, a lot will happen between now and November, so I write this ahead of time, undisturbed by the inevitable political turbulence to come. Even if we disagree on who we will vote for in November, hopefully we can all at least agree on the following...

America: We are not a perfect country, but gosh are we proud of what we've built. I sure am. Domestically, we still have issues to solve. U.S. foreign policy has long been implicated in horrible acts. While it all needs to change, it's also up to the People who vote to ensure the United States remains united and lives up to its greatest potential.

Peace & Love, Worldwide โœŒ๐Ÿผโค๏ธ๐ŸŒ